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The Power of Christian Meditation is Within You

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Experience Christian Meditation with POWERFUL, DYNAMIC, Biblical Techniques and launch your prayer life to the Heavens. For centuries certain Eastern meditations have been considered taboo by the Western Christian cultures, but new insight from the Holy Spirit have revealed that stillness meditation accompanied with Biblical Insights can be done safely and with incredible results.


The Christian leadership has warned many of the dangers of meditation especially those of the Eastern religions and most recently the New Age movement, however, when you study the scriptures and take a deeper look at how God wants us to experience Him.  It is undoubtedly through experiencing Him.  But how do we experience Him?  Jesus says to abide in Him and He will Abide in us.  How does that happen?  How can I experience that in my life?  Well the answers are here at Christian Meditation Today .

We’ve even provided you with some compelling evidence that will help you determine if Christian meditation is safe or not. 

What sins are you struggling with?  Lying, Stealing, Cheating, Addictions, Depressions, Anger, tampering with psychics?  Are you a success in your career, but still feeling empty inside?  Maybe problems with your relationship and you know that part of the problem is you!  We all struggle with the flesh and sometimes we accept that we’re just not perfect and go on our daily life caring the weight around even though we profess to be Believers.  There’s a way out of it!


Get ready to open the door into the spiritual realms where God resides. Knock and it shall be opened! Well get ready to come knocking at the door that will transform and renew your mind.  Christian Meditation Today is designed to help you grow spiritually through guided Biblical Meditations, structured awareness exercises and very simple breathing techniques.  When Jesus left to be alone with the father, it was important for him to be alone in a quiet place.  Many of us may who attempt to be with God in a quiet place get into the habit of just sitting there repeating the same words over and over.  You may lie there and cry your heart out to God asking for healing from your struggles, yet nothing changes in your life. 

The power of Christian meditation is that you will begin to understand who your inner being is and how your spirit is connected within the Holy Spirit.  How you can connect deep within and begin to notice that the struggles you face are nothing more than thoughts that are out of control.  One of the fruit of the spirits is Self-Control, but in the Greek it’s egkrateia which mean Self-mastery.  As humans God still requires us to master the self.  That’s why he gave us free will and the right to make choices.  As masters of our flesh and soul  and with the help of disciplined practices we can explore God in a way we’ve never experienced.  Through deep connected meditations.

If you’d like to get a small taste of what the Christian Meditations are all about check out our FREE CHRISTIAN MEDITATIONS and enjoy.

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