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Christian Meditation Today President Waldemar Zambrano


Waldemar Zambrano is a Consciousness Researcher, Christian Meditation Guide, Christian Life Coach, and a Neuro Linguistics Practitioner,  For over 30 years Waldemar has been involved in the study of conscious development and human achievement.  During the course of his life he has been positioned in numerous leadership roles that have refined his skills in human communications, counseling, and development.  Here are a few his achievements:




3 Time Midwest Chapter Emmy Nominations for Best Producer/Director  at a Christian Television Network based in Chicago

24 Years Service in the Active Army and Army National Guard.  Was the First Sergeant for his unit and led his soldiers into Iraq in 2003.  

17 years as a U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst – awarded Meritorious Service Medal for his achievements working with the CIA and NATO in Kosovo.

Graduate of the Landmark Forum Advanced Studies

Certified as a Christian Life Coach through Break Through Academy

Certified Hypnotherapist in the study of Language Mastery

Graduate from Columbia College in Chicago – BA in Communications

In 1984 Waldemar a Roman Catholic at the time began a quest to discover the meaning to his life.  During his research he stumbled upon Eastern Philosophies that intrigued his spiritual connection with God.  He went on a six month quest that completely transformed his life, but even though he had reached a level of spiritual enlightenment from his Eastern learnings, something was still missing.  That missing piece he discovered many years later was his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Fast forward 10 years in 1994 and Waldemar found himself accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  He left all Eastern teachings behind and began to study the scriptures intensely.  This included a few years of study at Chicago’s Moody Bible Institute.  During his Christian walk Waldemar was assigned by his churches to be a youth teacher, deacon, treasurer and a marriage ministry with his wife Norma of 25 years. 

However, during his walk Waldemar began to notice that many Christians, himself included, struggled daily with his faith and walk with Jesus Christ.  The constant sliding in and out of depression after returning from Iraq was crippling. 

The hypocrisy within the Christian Television Network Leadership also awakened him to a major shortfall in the Christian walk.  He was intrigued as he noticed a number of Christian health professionals who would appear on Christian television attempt to convey the importance of stillness meditation and proper breathing without sounding new age.   

Waldemar has investigated through interviews and discovered that most Christians have no clue how to experience the presence of God, nor the importance of being able to connect with the very being that resides within.  Determined to change that Waldemar returned to the Eastern teachings which hammered at human consciousness evolution and the power of stillness meditation.  Carefully, Waldemar selected a master spiritual teacher who would teach him the power of awareness, how to connect with his inner being, and to awaken the spirit within.   Once mastered he carefully peeled away all the teachings to its very core essence leaving behind any notion of God being only a source of energy, and salvation being obtained through ones own powers.   Today his discovery has revolutionized the Christian movement and has now given Believers the tools necessary to battle against the wages of sin. 

Taking his years as an intelligence analyst, television producer and researcher Waldemar has now opened the doors to a way that allows Christians to experience all the supernatural powers that Jesus spoke and truly being the light to the world.