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The Being

The Being?  Who are we as human beings?  Have you as a Christian taken the time during prayer to take a glimpse into your inner being?  Most Christians that I’ve asked this question too normally give me a perplexed look and respond; ”No, I’ve never done that..”  is the usual answer.  How can we as Christians develop a relationship with Christ in the spiritual world when we don’t even have a relationship with our own inner being?

So many people struggle with their Christian walk because they become easily seduced back into the ways of the world.  We get up rush to eat breakfast, get dressed, go to work or school, get our choirs done, take a breather to have lunch, continue with the days work, school or choirs, come back home to be with family, eat dinner, watch TV, surf the internet or any other activity that busys our minds. Finally, we make it to bed exhausted and maybe just maybe we squeak out a little prayer before we pass out. 

Our minds and our hearts are so flooded with tasks and busyness that keep us from having those quiet moments where we can allow God to purify our hearts and minds.  Instead we allow our sinful nature to cleverly disguise our Christian walk with acts of goodness and well wishing towards others, but deep inside we continue to struggle with desires and frustrations that keep our lives on the edge while God patiently waits for you to seek Him out.

That’s why a solid Christian based meditation practice is imperative to plant your spiritual seeds in the fertile soil.  We read the Bible, we pray; we worship at church and sometimes at home, but most Christians leave the church and go back to their daily routines living a life integrated with worldly principals.  We need to integrate a practice that allows us to still our mind and dwell within where peace resides with the Holy Spirit if indeed He dwells within you.

I’ve taken the Eastern art of mindful meditation and ground it down to it’s puriest form, because we know that all things originated from God and in its puriest form it will be a great benefit to our being.

Our being is the essence that resides within our flesh.  It is the presence of life that dwells within us.  You’ll notice that when you do try to still your mind for a moment in order to gain a sense of peace, your mind will begin to wonder in thoughts.  That’s because the mind doesn’t like meditation for it pulls us away from our fleshly desires and introduces us to our inner being that hungers to connect with the Holy Spirit and grow spiritually.


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