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Our Mission

Meditation And Godly WorshipOur Mission is to provide Christians with up to date and accurate information on the power and safety of Biblical Meditation.  Coupled with prayer and worship Biblical Meditation is a way to overcome the temptations of the world and the raging battle of the flesh from within. Christian Meditation Today is a Christian Organization dedicated to bringing Christian Believers closer to God by integrating Guided Christian based meditation that will allow you to experience the presence of God in a more powerful and meaningful way.

Waldemar Zambrano has discovered that the key to spiritual growth comes from spending quality quiet time with God. But many Christian don’t understand how to spend that quiet time and how to best utilize that time to empower them. We are here to show them the power within. Within is where the Holy Spirit resides and we teach you how to surrender the self and allow the Holy Spirit to take over and truly renew your mind.

We hope that you will look through our website and discover a new pathway that has always been available to you since the moment you accepted the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior.  May your journey be fruitful and filled with the authority and power of God.  Blessings